Daniel Prechtel - Investment Executive, Football Fan, and Sailor

About Daniel Prechtel

As president of OneSource Venture Capital in Atlanta, Georgia, Daniel Prechtel assesses the potential of new businesses and business ideas, which he then matches with accredited angel investors. Daniel Prechtel thus allows beginning entrepreneurs to secure the capital they need, while enabling investors to diversify their portfolios and seek out increases in return on investment.

A college football fan in his free time, Daniel Prechtel names the Ohio State Buckeyes as his lifelong favorite team. Since moving to Georgia, he also has developed a loyalty to the Georgia Bulldogs.

An avid sailor and cyclist as well, Mr. Prechtel most enjoys spending time on choppy waters in his 16-foot Hobie Catamaran. He is adept at sailing a variety of other vessels as well and has earned his keelboat certification from the American Sailing Association. This credential required him to demonstrate the ability to identify all sailboat parts, navigate effectively, and perform all crucial maneuvers and safety functions.